Everything in our shop is 100% natural, and produced here in Alentejo.  Every purchase you make helps the regeneration of our cork oak forest and the community it supports.

Climate Contribution

Every time you buy from us you are contributing to the regeneration of the ancient Portuguese cork oak forest, which acts as a carbon sink for 4.8 million tons of COp/a. And your cork will continue to store carbon for its lifetime.


Natural Fragrances

Our hills are alive with the fragrance of cistus lavender, helichrysum, lentisk, and all the aromatic plants that flourish here. We have bottled that for you, so you can carry the wilderness with you, wherever you go.

Green & Pure

All our products are  made from essential oils or hydrosols  distilled from aromatic shrubs that grow naturally in the Alentejo region. Our priority is always regeneration of the land and conscious harvesting, for the well-being of all.