Individual Sessions

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You can treat yourself any of these sessions if you are here on retreat, or come specially for the session if you are living or staying in Portugal. Details and prices below. Any questions, contact us

Nature Constellation

Based on Bert Hellinger’s systemic constellation work, this is a powerful way to clarify and resolve issues that are blocking or confusing you. First we will walk the land until you find exactly the right spot for you – a place that touches your heart, where you feel stronger or calmer, at home, connected or understood. Let’s call this your ‘nature re-source’. We then discuss what you would like to clarify in your life and appoint representatives for different aspects. Working from within the ‘knowing field’ each one plays out their part to until the issue is resolved. This is a half day session: Price €75 – 95

Facilitated by Moumina Jeffs: Formerly Director of the Centre for Transformation in the Osho International Meditation Resort, Moumina has been leading workshops and trainings for over 30 years. She has a magical way of creating a safe atmosphere in which to express the deep-seated emotions that can lead to real transformation.

Horse Constellation

In a horse constellation horses are nominated to represent elements of an issue you would like clarified. The horses then movely freely and through their interactions reveal energetic blocks and the true emotions that are attached to the issue. Once seen and understood the energy is released, allowing you to move forward with new energy and purpose. Session length, up to 2 hours: Price €75

Facilitated by Moumina Jeffs (see above), with Nayana Morag and the Over the Edge Herd


Intuitive Aromatics

Aroma connects us directly to emotions and memory. Aromatic extracts are a gentle way to nurture a feeling of inner security and clear old emotional wounds. Essential oils and hydrosols have healing properties for body, mind and soul. In these sessions we will create a fragrance just for you, that will support you emotionally and physically in your daily life. We will talk one on one about the energy you would like to nourish in your life, and that which no longer serves you.Session is about 1.5 hours and includes the aromatic potion: Price €65

Facilitated by Nayana Morag, aromatherapist, kinesiologist and household witch.


Awareness with Horses

Horses, by their nature, live in the present moment. When we enter into the herd we can experience what it means to be totally alive and aware. In these sessions we attune with the herd and and do some simple exercises to help us learn how to see without filters. We then enter into “The Horse Meditation”, bringing you into their world of presence. Session 2 hours: Price €45-55

Led by the horse herd with interpretation by Nayana


Inner man/Inner woman Star Sapphire energy work

A Star Sapphire session is an opportunity to find clarity about your present life situation. It is a very effective tool to receive both inspiration and practical insights.Your creativity, energy and  daily life, all find expression through the two opposite polarities of the body – male and female. The session is based on a reading of these inner male and female energies and allowing them to express so they can support each other fully. This leads to greater clarity, more depth, resolving of relationship problems and a freeing up of energy for greater creativity. Sessions are about 1.5 hours: Price €55

Facilitated by Madhupran

Arun is a touch based meditative healing technique, that lets you feel the present moment and re-connect with your essence.  “ARUN” is inspired by ancient traditions of meditation, massage and breathwork, as well as the osteopathic approach of Cranio-Sacral therapies. It is gentle and intuitive and will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. 1 and 1/2 hours approx: Price €45-55

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