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Natural Animal Care

With Aromatics

Animal aromatherapy is where it all started for Nayana. Over the last 20+ years she has worked with essential oils and hydrosols for animal health. So naturally we have a few items for animals here, including Nayana’s books on the subject, which explain how to use hydrosols and essential oils for your animals.

Animal Self-selection

In the wild animals are surrounded by natural medicine. Herbs, bark, seeds, roots, clay, moss, algae, can all have medicinal qualities. Animals are able to seek out what they need for wellness. We use this natural process, known as zoopharmacognosy, when making up our products. If an animal likes the smell, the potion is the right one for him/her. All our animals have the right to choose, it’s a major part of our “guided by nature” ethos.

Animal friendly

Hydrosols and essential oils are a great way to provide your animals with the herbal medicine they need to stay well. Hydrosols can be used as fly sprays, to wash wounds, and for sensitive emotional problems. You can spray a few squirts into a bowl/bucket of water so they can help themselves when they need it. It’s safe and gentle for all creatures. We use our home grown hydrosols in our blended products too, so you know they are free of additives  or preservatives, safe and effective.