Aromatic Water

Hydrosols are a wonderfully safe way to bring the healing power of aromatics into your life. Use them for skin care, to fragrance your house naturally and inhibit bacteria, or for your pets, Our hydrosols are distilled by us here on the farm. We distill gently and slowly to produce the highest quality aromatic water with a wide range of gentle active ingredients intact.Thus we offer a powerfully charged aromatic product and bring nature home to you, in a bottle.

collecting hydrosol as it distills

The Power of Water

Without water there is no life. when distilling the water used is crucial, as it carries the physical and energetic imprint of the plant in its matrix. We use water from the spring on our land, which has had no chemical fertiliser on it in decades, so is pure and unpolluted.

Flow of life
Cohesion & Adhesion

Earth Friendly

Our hills are covered with aromatic shrubs. When we harvest we are very conscious of those who also benefit from their bounty. We wait till the bees leave before we pick our daily bundle. We shake out the insects before we distill. We never cut the plant down to the ground, leaving cover for the wild life. But we do cut enough to reduce fire risk. Everything we do is guided by nature, we are always in a space of receptive listening to how we can best support her. And when you buy one of our beautiful products you are supporting her too.