Fragrance With Intention

Create your own space


When we breathe in a fragrance it enters directly into our limbic system, affecting our emotional state. Here at Over the Edge we create fragrance blends designed to support the mood you are seeking. Whether you need clarity, love, wisdom, devotion, or a safe space to nourish yourself. All our fragrances are blended and bottled with love and consciousness.

Scents in a bottle

These precious oil blends are created by us with intention. They might carry wise messages from the ancients, or help your heart to feel safe and supported. You can keep them with you all day long to smell or apply as needed. Made from high quality, 100% natural essential oils

Space Sprays

We combine hydrosols and essential oil to create an aromatic spray that can cleanse, uplift, support…. whatever you intend we have a blend to help you achieve it. Spritz lightly through your auric field and over your body, or in the air around you to create your own space. You can use these to enhance a mood, support an emotion, or clear a space energetically. Our special Alentejo range can disinfect the air around you and fill your room with the natural, vibrant perfume of the Portuguese hills.