Personal Meditation Retreats

“Silence is meditation. It is a question of changing the gestalt, shifting the attention from words into silence – which is always there.” Osho

Come and do Nothing!

Do you long to sit quietly and go deep within? Sometimes it is necessary for our own inner journey to have a period of silence, to retreat from the everyday busy-ness and stop completely. Nothing to do but meditate, all other concerns are left behind. We can facilitate your own private retreat so you can do just that. We will take care of your body with good food, delivered to your room. Surrounded by nature your energy can settle inside. With nothing to distract you on the outside, perhaps you can even answer the age old question: Who am I?

Osho's Guidance

This offering is inspired by Osho and our own experience with his 21 day retreat. You may not have 21 days to spare, we understand that is not practical for many in this busy world, so you can choose how many days you want to spend in silence. We recommend a minimum of 7 days. Click on the image for Osho's instruction.

Simple Food

The body is a temple that deserves good nourishment with fresh food, while you journey in. All our food is prepared with love and delivered to you in your cabin, on a schedule that suits you and to suit your tastes. If you have special dietary requirements, or anything you love or hate, no problem.

Nayana-dado portrait

Experienced Facilitators

The tranquillity of nature here, along with the quiet presence of our horse herd will inspire your meditation. The OtE crew will ground it with discreet care. Dado and Nayana have both done multiple silent retreats so know what is needed to support the process. We will not disturb you, but we are always there if you need us .

Comfortable accommodation

Our simple wooden cabins are tasteful and comfortable, offering all you need for restful nights and peaceful days. Our bathroom facilities are always clean. For more info on the accomodation click on the image

I'm interested, what now?

Talk to us

Interested in going deep? Click on the title and fill out the form. We will get back to you to talk more about what you want, and if it's a good fit for you.

Book your dates

Choose your dates, leaving at least one full day before and after your quiet time so you can orient and adjust on arrival and before departure.


We are an hour from Faro and 2 hours from Lisbon, with easy train connection. For more about how to get here, or other meditations click on the title.


Price includes all food and accommodation plus pick up and drop off at Funcheira train station. 7 days, €795. 21 days €1800

Relax and unwind

If you want more time to relax and unwind after your silent time, that can be arranged. Talk to us for prices. Or click on title for more options

Personalized For You

We can personalize the meditation retreat to suit your timeframe and interests. If you would like to stay extra days before or after the retreat time, perhaps experience the horse meditations, that can be included. Just let us know.