Nature guides us to meditate. To sit quietly and listen to the breeze. To reconnect with our own inner nature so we can hear our hearts speak.This place of wildness and empty spaces is perfect for that. Away from the electronic over-stimulation that is ‘civilisation’ you can feel nature’s rhythms caress and support you. Come, we will nourish you with good food and comfortable accommodation. You will leave feeling revitalised and uplifted.

Come and reconnect with yourself!

Would you like to just stop and do nothing? Hang out in nature and enjoy the view?

Would you like to clarify your life and clear confusion, with the help of the horse herd?

Would you like to connect with your body through qi-gong, massage, active meditation?

Any or all of the above can be included in a personal retreat.

From 475 €

3 Days/4 Nights all inclusive

Natural Meditation

Everyone needs downtime, to re-set and rejuvenate, this is the perfect place to do just that. There is no timetable here, no alarm clocks, so you can let yourself relax and rediscover your own rhythm. Do absolutely nothing if you like. Take yourself for a quiet walk in nature. Or join our daily activities which range from qi gong, to horse care, to distilling essential oils, to swimming in the lake. Just flow, moment to moment.



Do you feel swept away by everyday life? Overwhelmed by it all? Do you feel you’ve lost your true self in daily routine? Time for a break. Let nature and the horse herd clear confusion and refresh your soul. Our team of humans and horses offers unique ways of helping you. Through easy and joyful interaction with yourself and the wild nature here, you will reconnect with yourself. Constellation work with Moumina will help you resolve any questions you have, clarify your direction and renew your zest for life.

Active meditations

Meditation does not have to be a serious, sit down business. Anything you do can be a meditation. Being totally involved in any activity it becomes easy to observe the mind and its patterns. Here we can offer Qi-gong, Zen walks, Osho active meditations, Horse meditation, nature connection and more. You choose what attracts you.

Relaxing in a tree

Quiet Contemplation

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to shut up and sit down.  If you would like to spend some time in quiet contemplation we can facilitate that. The spacious tranquillity of our farm supports the inner traveler. So if you would like to spend some days in silent retreat, the team here will support your body with simple vegetarian food served to your room if you  like and keep an eye on your comfort, unobtrusively.

What's included?

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