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Personal Retreats

Are you busy all the time? Do you long to break away from it all for a moment? This is the perfect place to do that. Relax into your own inner space and follow your flow with no clocks or timetable. You are welcome to join in farm life, or sit silently in your own room. Taste any or all of the things that we offer, horses, aromatics, nature meditations. Or just hang out and do absolutely nothing.

Come and Do Nothing!

“Sitting silently, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself”,   Basho

Nature guides us to sit quietly and listen to the breeze, to reconnect with our own inner nature so we can hear our hearts speak. But doing nothing is not a static and serious affair, it is also the easy flow of a joyful heart that can follow its own rhythms without pressure. Join us here, far away from the electronic over-stimulation that is ‘civilisation’, you can hang out with the horse herd, walk in the woods, join us in farm activity, or sit quietly and enjoy the view. We will take care of you with good food and comfortable accommodation, the rest is up to you. Give yourself a total re-set, you deserve it!


Prices and Options

  1. 1
    4 nights- €475

    Per person - €475 (10% off for 2nd person in shared room)

    Includes: Accommodation, all food and drink, pick up and drop off from Funcheira train station

  2. 2
    7 nights - €745

    Price per person (10% discount for 2nd person in shared room)

    Includes: Accommodation, all food and drinks. Pick up and drop off from Funcheira station

  3. 3
    Silent Retreat​ - From €795

    For more experienced meditators, if you would like to spend some time in quiet contemplation in your own room with no other distractions, we can facilitate that.  We will support your body with simple vegetarian food served to your room at regular times, and keep an eye on your comfort unobtrusively. If you need anything from us we are right there, but otherwise, you are on your own. Here are guidelines for a 21 day meditation from Osho, but you can choose how many days you want to do.

    Package includes, Accommodation, all food and drink, pick up and drop off from Funcheira train station

    7 nights - €795

    21 days - €1800

    More info and application here

  4. 4
    Short workshops and other add-ons
    • Face to Face with Horses - Nayana will facilitate this meditative self-exploration as the horse herd invites you to be present, here and now, heart-connected, bathed in horse wisdom - €55 approx 1.5 hrs
    • Embracing All Your Parts - with the help of the horses reflective presence, and Nayana's guidance we will explore your inner world through the IFS system and clarify any issues you may face, in your life. This is a profound and gentle self-exploration. €75.
    • Horse constellation - Based on Hellinger's Family constellation system, this is an in-depth exploration of questions and issues you are facing. With Ma Moumina, Nayana and the herd - €125 approx 2 hours
    • Exploring horse - "Who are they? What do they need? How can I best care for them?" Meet horses as you never have before. For horse lovers who want to know more about the nature of horses - €65 approx 1.5 hrs
    • Aromatic distillation - learn how to harvest the plant material, and the whole process of distilling €65 per person approx 2 hours, extra person €35, max 4
    • Nature walk and meditation - A gentle walk introducing you to the medicinal plants that grow here, meeting them consciously from your heart. Finishing with quiet time in the woods (Forest bathing) €25 approx 1 hour €5 per extra person
    • Aromancy - work with Nayana to create a personal blend of essential oils to support you emotionally and physically. It's a little journey. €65 per person 1 hour
    • Making Medicine, learn how to make simple lotions and potions with herbs and essential oils, how to harvest and preserve herbs, make flower essences. What exactly is included depends on the time of year
    • Essential oils for Animals - Nayana will give you a quick introduction to how to care for animals naturally using essential oils and other aromatics. Approx 2.5 hours €125
    • Pick up from Faro, €100 each way
    • Pick up from Lisbon €250 each way

We have a maximum limit of 4 guests at any time. See more about the accomodation here

What our guests say....


Simple, Comfortable, Natural

Our home here is a beautiful off-grid eco-camp. Our facilities are designed to blend in to the landscape unobtrusively. The spaces are simple and clean, giving you the feeling of camping with the comfort of a room (I refuse to use the word glamping!). Accommodation is in simple wooden cabins or caravans, with all bedding supplied. We have warm showers and flush toilets in a small bathroom block. Our ethos is very much one of celebrating our embodied experience on this planet, with good food, good wine and good conversation. For details on the accommodation click here

We want to make sure that everyone who visits enjoys their stay, and understands the special nature of our home. Over the Edge is primarily a working farm. Our days are organised around taking care of the animals, caring for the land and distilling. We live with horses, dogs and cats who move freely around the place, so a love of animals is a prerequisite for an enjoyable visit. You need to take into consideration that we are far from ‘civilization’ and there is no public transport. Also you need to have a reasonable level of mobility to negotiate the slopes in and around the camp. If I haven’t put you off yet, contact us to book through the form below or on +351 968774022

Contact us with questions and to book

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How to Get Here

By Car

By Train

Take a train to Funcheira from Faro airport (1.5 hours) or  Lisbon (2 hours). We can pick you up from there. More info on trains in Portugal here.

Airport Transfer

We can arrange pick up from Lisbon  for €250 per vehicle (so cost per person is divided by the number of passengers) or Faro for €125.

By Bus

You can also travel by bus from either Lisbon or Faro to Ourique, more info here. We can pick you up from Ourique (cost €25)