Nature’s medicine surrounds us here. We harvest and distill aromatic plants to make beautiful fragrant potions, all done with a conscious connection to nature, present to every sound and smell. You are welcome to come and join us and learn how aromatics can heal people, animals and the planet.

Make your own medicine!

The sense of smell is our most instinctive connection to the world.  But nowadays we are taught not to trust it, to disguise our natural scent. Our noses are assaulted by synthetic fragrances, dulling our senses. Harvesting and distilling aromatic plants in the wild hills of Portugal, you are immersed in the multi-layered fragrance of nature, which re-awakens your instinctual being and reconnects you to your primal senses!  If you would like to experience the delight of wild flowers and learn how to make your own medicine, contact us to arrange your holiday



Traditionally every household would make their own medicine, gathering local herbs and preparing them at home. When we distill hydrosols we reclaim this power and take control of our health. We also connect with the natural flora and fauna of this land. Household distilling is easy even if you live in a city and only grow herbs in a pot, or buy from market. And it’s fun.

We harvest consciously, from our hearts and with consideration for other creatures that share our living space. We pick what the plants have to offer, never taking more than a fair share, carefully shaking out any insects so they don’t go into the still. Our end product is a far cry from the commercially distilled essential oil and hydrosol that are commonly available. If you love essential oils, you should experience the process of distillation to understand and appreciate them on a different level.

Join us for a celebration of aroma!

Learn how to distill and use essential oils and hydrosols

Make 100% natural lotions and potions

Discover how to use aromatics with animals

Connect with nature and your own instinctual being

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