Nature guides our horse care too. To meet them unfettered, in their own environment is an experience that empowers horses and humans. Come and enjoy the horses with us, gain a deeper understanding of these beautiful creatures, discover the secret of all great horsemen, and learn about yourself.

Come join the herd!

The ideal holiday for anyone who loves horses, whatever your experience level.

Meet horses in freedom, understand them more deeply. 

Develop communication skills and energy awareness, just like a horse

Learn about Natural Horse Care

Or just hang out in nature and enjoy the herd

From €525

3 Days/4 Nights all inclusive

Experienced horse lovers

Would you like to deepen your understanding of horses? Then join us as we re-examine the horse/human relationship. Our horses live in an environment that provides their biological and psychological requirements as a free roaming herd. Will they still choose to associate with us? How? When? Why? And how can we be people they choose to hang out with? Have your own questions? Let us help you answer them.

All great horsemen have one thing in common, an inner quietness that doesn’t waiver, I call it tranquil assurance. We can all develop this state of being through self-awareness. Using body awareness and martial arts principles to increase grounding, centering and energy awareness, Nayana and the herd will help you develop your ability to direct your energy and influence your horse clearly and softly.


Love them, but don't know them?

There is something about horses, isn’t there? They are inspirational, evocative, simply beautiful. Come and discover what that special something is and why you have always loved them. We can introduce you to the world of horses in a way that is safe, respectful and free of force.

Being with horses teaches us to connect honestly and communicate clearly. They demand from us clarity of intention, softness and strength, and encourage us to be centered and present. Nayana has a unique approach to help you develop these qualities and build a respectful relationship with the herd.


NaturePlus Horse Care

Let’s face it, it’s not really natural if there are fences is it? But Nayana has spent a life time figuring out how we can provide our horses the best of nature AND nurture.

If you are interested in giving your horses the best possible lifestyle, come and learn how you can bring nature into your horse’s life, even if he lives on a livery yard.  Learn about essential oils, herbs and self-selection and how to integrate them into every day horse care.

At the same time you can enjoy hanging out with our nearly natural horse herd and soak up some Portuguese sunshine.


Horse with wild lavender

Horse Constellation

This is a simple and profound way to clarify your direction in life, and throw light on unconscious mental or emotional patterns that may be obstructing you. Based on Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Constellations, it reveals the hidden dynamics that influence us. Horses are nominated to represent known factors, such as “my job”. The horses interact freely revealing the unconscious entanglements that are often behind the issues raised. Thus we gain clarity and resolution.

The constellations are facilitated by Ma Moumina, a multi disciplinary therapist with 30 years experience, trained in Family Constellations  and a lifelong meditator. Her gentle guidance helps reveal the core of your confusion. Nayana helps you understand the horses’ movement and what it expresses. It is a profoundly simple system that has changed people’s lives.

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“When I was a kid I imagined a world where everybody talked with animals and we all lived together side by side, in equality. No fences, no “show him who’s boss”, no fear. Over the Edge is that world. Every being is respected fully and given what they need. All the creatures share the space harmoniously and the feeling of peace is palpable. It is possible to live in love and freedom, we do so everyday. You just need to dare.” Nayana