We’re open!

by in Horse holidays, Learn horses 6th May 2016

I am sitting here, ready to make the big announcement. But I hesitate. Procrastinate. Stare out of the window at the horses playing down by the lake. Tinker with the wording one more time. What’s going on here? This is the moment I have been heading towards for years. A lifetime. This is the place I envisioned. […]

Here we are!

by in Life on the farm 13th February 2016

Men plan, God Laughs! If I recall, the last thing I wrote on this blog  was, “From now on I’ll be blogging regularly”. Do I hear the gods laugh? I’m afraid I grossly underestimated the time and energy required to build a home from scratch. And I mean scratch: no water, no electricity, no habitable dwelling […]

Moving on

by in Horses, Life on the farm 2nd March 2015

Exploring horse is on the move! After two years as the guests of the Woodleys, in Central Portugal, we have found a home of our own in the fabulous Alentejo region (warmer, drier). It has been six intensive months of searching, but we have finally agreed a price and are now in the contract signing phase. […]