This place is a haven of tranquillity surrounded by wild nature, where, you can drop off the edge of the world. Far from the light pollution and electric hum of civilisation, the expansive silence encourages you to relax, breathe, regenerate as you enjoy long views over the Portuguese hills, or take a stroll through the magical cork oak forest where our horses roam free. Come and discover a life that is connected, joyful, simple.

Everyone needs downtime to re-set and rejuvenate, this is the perfect place to do just that.  Nourish your soul with meditative walks in nature and hanging with the horse herd. Nourish your body with good food, good wine and good company. Sleep well in our rustic cabins. Design your own personal retreat here.

Horses are our inspiration, it’s why we live here. Their peaceful presence permeates the air as they roam the land. If you love horses come and meet them on their terms, in their natural environment, learn from them and with them. It’s magical, and enlightening. Learn more here

An abundance of aromatic plants grow on our farm. We harvest and distill them consciously to produce beautiful healing aromatic waters and essential oils. Come and experience the alchemical magic of distillation and learn how to make your own medicine. Reconnect with your instinctive being


A meditative connection to our environment is the OtE ambience. Come and nourish yourself inside and out. Relax, breathe and reconnect with nature, get in touch with your essence, away from the noise of modern life. We offer personal retreats and meditative breaks for the inner traveler. Learn more

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