The Camp

We chose to live on this property because it is an ideal environment for horses. But Over The Edge is an ideal environment for humans too. Here, you can step away from the sensory overload of modern society into tranquillity. The only sounds are those of nature. The fragrances of aromatic plants and clean earth shift and change with the breezes. Far reaching views of hills and sky inspire deep breathing and a sense of expansion.

Our accommodation is simple but comfortable. Our policy is “Make yourself at home”. Contact us with any questions you may have and we will help you create the perfect retreat.

4Oak Cabin

This romantic A frame cabin is a short walk up the hill from the cantina. It has great views over the lake and the far hills. It can be made up with either twin beds or double.


Zendo East and West

Two single rooms, one each end of this charming wooden building . Small and uncluttered in true Zen style, the Zen-dos are at the edge of the camp, overlooking the cork oak valley and beyond, but still close to all facilities. They are not interconnecting

a bedroom

The Uppervan

This caravan is by itself above the main camp. It’s good for those who like their own space and don’t mind walking a couple of hundred metres to the facilities. It has one  bed.

The Cantina

This the communal kitchen/living space, where we gather to eat our meals and hang out on the deck enjoying the view. The cantina (as we call it) is the main wifi spot on the property. Internet is available but limited, so we ask you to keep usage within reasonable limits.

The Showers

We have 2 toilet units and 2 showers with hot running water. We never have more than 6 guests at one time, so no waiting in line for the facilities. All towels are provided

We rely on solar power and water from our well, which is usually plentiful, but we ask that you be aware of your usage of water and electricity. We also ask you to bring biodegradable soaps and shampoos, or use the ones we provide.