1. What is the best time of year to visit

    Every season has its beauty. It depends what you like. Spring is great for aromatics, but it can rain. Summer is hot and dry, good for doing not much,, or hanging quietly with the herd, or in the woods to do a nature constellation. October is stunningly beautiful but can rain be rainy. December and January or bright and clear, but the days are short. Perfect for silent meditation retreat.

  2. Can I ride the horses?

    Unfortunately that is not possible, for several reasons. Not the least of them being, no insurance.

  3. Do you cater for special dietary needs?

    Within reason, but there may be an extra charge. Contact us to see what we can do

  4. Can I bring my children?

    If your children are above 8 years old and want to learn about horses it may be possible. Contact us so we can chat about it and make sure it's a good fit.

  5. I am a retreat leader. Can I rent your facilities?

    It might be possible to bring small groups, if we think it is a good fit with what we are doing here. You can Contact us for a chat about your needs.

  6. I love horses but my partner doesn't is that a problem?

    There is lots for a non-horsey partner to do, as long as they enjoy nature, walks, swimming, animals in general.

  7. How far are you from the coast?

    We are about a 45 minute drive to the beautiful west coast and Alentejo litoral.

  8. Are you close to the ashram of Mooji baba?

    Yes, we are 5 km up the road from him. And often host members of his sangha.

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