Lavender bag


Aromatic Lavender dried and stored in a beautiful cotton bag, ready to bring a Portuguese spring time into your house. Or try something different with our 3 herb mix, which includes helichrysum. Divine!


In spring our hills are covered with wild lavender, filling the air with their fragrance. We have gathered two types of this lavender which are unique to our area  Lavandula stoechas var Luizieri, and  L.Stoechas var viridis. We dried them and put them in a beautiful cotton bag so you can benefit from their refreshing and insect repellent qualities in your house year round. They have a robust fragrance, less sweet than ‘normal’ lavender but very evocative. I love to sit with a bag of dried lavender in my hand, crushing it to release the smell and dreaming of spring. Very relaxing. Great to fragrance drawers, cupboards, cars, anywhere that you want it. We have a small number of bags that also contain helichrysum for a really special blend. Choose your fragrance.

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