Let's create something beautiful together!

Fragrance is a powerful force, good smells trigger good feelings. We can create a unique fragrance branded to your company that will make your customers want more of what you have.  And every purchase helps regenerate the cork oak woodlands, plus reduces your carbon footprint.

Natural Artisan Aromatics

We make beautiful aromatic products to uplift and refresh. Every home and business can create an atmosphere that is alive and real with these 100% natural fragrances, created here on our remote farm in Portugal.  Fragrances connect us to our emotions, good smells trigger good feelings. You can harness this power by letting us create an aroma unique to your brand. Or you can buy our ready made products that carry the pure, sweet smell of Alentejo in Spring. And more than that, every purchase helps us regenerate the cork oak woodlands, a precious natural resource, and reduces your carbon footprint!

Aromatic Cork Disks

A unique passive diffuser for fragancing. Originally designed as a shoe deodorizer, you can use it anywhere you want to breathe the fresh, clean air of Southern Portugal. Just put a drop of this unique blend of essential oils (that are known to be anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial) on the disk. I like to use them in my wardrobe or on my desk, or in the bathroom. My friend always carries a set in her handbag. Be creative!

Personalised Branding

We can put your logo on any of our products, so it aligns with your look and philosophy. From the cork disks, to the cotton bags and any labels on bottles. Also exterior packaging. Our products are a perfect little gift to leave on your guests pillows, or to include with your boutique clothes and shoes. And it lets them know you care about the environment.

Fragrance Sprays

We distill hydrosols from the plants that grow wild on our land. These fragrant, healing waters can be used as space sprays, deodorants or on the skin. They are safe and gentle, yet powerful. We can make a blend to especially suited to your brand. Or use them as single fragrances to match your mood. Litre sizes available. Contact us for price

Herbal Bags

These lovely old-fashioned herb bags are another great way to bring the wild into your house, hotel, car or fashion line. Filled with our special Portuguese lavender or a blend of lavender and immortelle, they are perfect for keeping drawers and cupboards fresh.

What's in it for you?

Eco Credentials

Work with us and let your customers know you care about the environment by supporting forest regeneration

Fragrant Magic

Fragrance works on the mind like magic. A good smell can evoke good feelings. Those are now connected with your product

Natural and Safe

Our fragrances are 100% natural. We are with them through every step of the supply chain and can guarantee their purity

Multiple Uses

Our products sell well as accessories, but can also be used as 'favours' for guests in boutique hotels, or to upscale any natural fashion items

More Ideas?

Do you have a problem a fragrance might solve? Talk to us and let's create something beautiful together that benefits the planet too!

What they say....

Working with Nayana and her team is a great pleasure and a great benefit both professionally and personally.
And all the products made at The Over the Edge are high quality. You can see, smell and feel with how much passion and attention to detail they are made. Plus, Over the Edge and Wildlings are united by a deep conviction to not only to create sustainable products, but to give more back to nature than we take from it.
Anna Funke-Shutz
Product Manager, Wildling Shoes

Personalized Branding

We can personalize the presentation to match your brand. We can also create a completely unique fragrance or product just for you.  There is a one time set up fee for this service.