Essential Oils

Organic Wild Crafted

Portugal has an abundance of aromatic plants. Our friend Vitor harvests them in the Guadiana Natural Park, with love and care. He is like a caretaker of wildness, never taking more than the plant can give, leaving plenty for the bees. And at the same time pruning and thinning where this is helpful for strong healthy growth, or to reduce fire risk. In the tiny village of Corte Sines, close to the Spanish border he distills them in an old village house. We often go and help him.

helichrysum stoechas

Aromatic Medicine

Essential oils are vital extracts of aromatic plants. They are part of the plants self-care system, protecting from harmful insects and attracting pollinators. Sometimes they help to heal damaged branches or protect from dehydration. Once extracted we can use them for our own health and pleasure. Many of the Portuguese plants are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. By using them in your home you can protect yourself at the same time as you enjoy the fragrance of the wild hills.

Community Support

One of our aims is to demonstrate a viable alternative economy for the local community. The harvest and distillation of essential oils can be a positive income flow that is sustainable and nature supportive. We want to help people in our neighborhood understand the value of essential oils so they value their environment more. At the moment all the aromatic shrubs are considered to be weeds and frequently ploughed into the ground, destroying the habit of multitudes of insects and wild creatures and contributing to desertification. When you buy essential oils from us you are supporting a community.

Harvesting wild rose for distillation